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Memorial Heights Family Medicine is proud to announce we have obtained the newest technology to provide nonsurgical procedures to achieve beautiful skin.  These procedures are short and relatively pain-free with little to no downtime.



Radio frequency energy heats the skin in a controlled manner to remodel deep collagen and improve the appearance of the skin. It provides optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of the skin that seen as tightening of the skin and improved appearance at the skin’s surface. Forma™ is ideal for the patient seeking a non-invasive and natural looking approach to skin tone, texture irregularities and lifting. Areas for treatment include the face, including the forehead, crows feet, nasolabial folds, smile lines, jowls, and any other areas that need contraction such as the neck. For optimal results, weekly treatments are performed for 6 weeks.


  • Skin tightening results for all facial regions and neck

  • No patient downtime and minimal patient discomfort

Lauren Kitt-Carter Tells Extra TV Why She Uses Forma To Keep Skin Glowing
InMode Solutions

Lauren Kitt-Carter Tells Extra TV Why She Uses Forma To Keep Skin Glowing



Memorial Heights Family Medicine is the first family practice in Houston, TX to offer one of the most powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) devices on the market, called Lumecca™ IPL. IPL devices, like Lumecca™, use gentle pulses of broad-spectrum light to selectively target and treat skin conditions in light and dark skin, to even out your skin tone. It is the gold standard for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, sun damage, sun spots, freckles and even stimulates collagen rejuvenation for improved skin texture and tone. The most commonly treated areas are the face, neck, chest, forearms, hands, lower legs, back, and shoulders.

With Lumecca™, you can complete your photorejuvenation in an initial series of 2-3 treatments, one every 4 weeks, versus 4-6 with standard IPLs. Depending on the condition of your skin, more treatments may be necessary. Many people maintain their results with an additional maintenance treatment every 6-12 months. You will likely notice positive changes even after your very first session. These gentle, no downtime treatments produce skin that is more uniform in color and has fewer blemishes. IPL treatments can be maximized by using an accompanying topical skin lightening product, retinol or retinoid product, and daily sunscreen.